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Miva Testimonials

Miva Testimonials

Andreas, I wanted to take moment and express my sincere appreciation for the amazing website you created for us. You were professional, honest and available at every step of the project, even when we threw a couple of curve balls in it. The quality of the finished product has far exceeded our expectations and within the budget you estimated. Your expertise is second to none.

Thank you very much,

Tom Miller

I have been searching for a particular solution for my website for 2 years. I was going to give up on Miva Merchant and bite the bullet on a fully customized shopping cart which would have cost me an arm and a leg. Luckily for me I discovered Andreas and he had the perfect solution for me. He not only delivered on everything he promised, but seamlessly integrated his custom code in my store without having any down time. I highly recommend Andreas and PCINET to anyone needing expert advice and solutions for their online store.

Matt Kersten

Business Owners in Search of Miva Catalog Design and Support;

Over the past five years, several Companies were involved in the creation and development of our Miva Catalog.  The first Company was well intentioned but did not understand the Miva Software.  The Catalog functioned, or malfunctioned, with a dirty code mix of html and experimentation. 

The second Company attempted to make repairs to the first Company's work for a two year period.  After investing more than what two Catalogs would cost, the end result barely functioned and wasn't user friendly.  Also, the Catalog had no dynamic menu tree, cut off text, and a number of other awkward problems. 

At that point, we obviously needed to find the right Company to trouble shoot and correct the Catalog's problems.  I asked our Host for references and was given the name of Andreas Toman with PCINET, LLC as a Company the Host had heard good things about and enjoyed working with. 

As you would expect, Andreas and his Company were booked with other projects to meet deadlines.  Regardless, he and his staff found the time to help us over the next few days.  Soon we had a dynamic menu, and our text cut off problems disappeared.  Other repairs followed, and before long we had the features and functionality we needed. 

In the future, we plan to upgrade.  We will definitely utilize Andreas and his team for this project. 

We owe PCINET, LLC a great deal of thanks. They took the time to sort out problems when their time was at a premium, even when they faced the dreaded task of repairing other's mistakes.  They likely had more profitable and rewarding projects to do, but they found the time to help us.

Our sincere Thanks to Andreas and the Staff of PCINET-LLC!

Dave and Cindy Engwis, owners,

Andreas did an exceptional job in the re-design of our website. He is easy to work with, responsive, and extremely prompt in his work. Rather than just doing what was asked, he made suggestions and thoughtful contributions. He is definitely on the "A" list of Miva resources.

Theresa Groskopp
Natural Healthy Concepts

Andreas; Thank you for your highly efficient expertise in helping Seyco through our urgent need to get our website re-designed and the quick setup of Miva Merchant. When we needed the expert, you were there and we appreciate it very much. Will be in touch with our future needs as we go forward with

Ray Seymore
Seyco, The Scroll Saw Specialists, INC